We have a powerful combination!

Our grassroots initiative

to purchase the Ruth Gardner Property

and a

Dollar for Dollar Matching Grant

     for up to $400,000 on gifts received since January 2019.

That’s a potential of $800,000 total towards making

Ruth’s House

a treasured asset for our community.

This generous donor wants us to reach our full share,

we can still match $260,500 in new donor gifts,

before closing on the purchase.

We have over 335 donor households

already standing with you.

That’s a lot of energy!

We must keep this momentum rolling!

Every gift moves us closer

to acquiring the full match.

Ways to donate NOW to have your tax deductible gift matched:
 Check payable to: Land for Southport’s Future
P.O. Box 298, Southport, ME 04576
Website “Donate Now” Link
Please call for additional options: 207-217-7743
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Working together, our gifts will:
• Create a common space for community engagement

• Preserve the historic character and cultural legacy of Southport Island

• Assure public access and use of Hendricks Head Cove,

for generations to come

Southport Island is a place that we hold dear to our hearts … your support of the grassroots initiative to purchase the Gardner Property is needed and gratefully appreciated. Working together we will “Make Ruth’s House Happen”. We must complete this project this summer! What we make possible now will be here for the generations to follow.

Preserving Southport Island’s Sense of Place

Southport Island, former summer home and outdoor laboratory for environmentalist Rachel Carson, the place that inspired her to write “Silent Spring”.

Rachel Carson planned to develop a foundation for the preservation of the forest and coastline near her home. As she walked the forest paths and along the rocky shores, Rachel dreamed of one day having this space protected for everyone to enjoy, forever.

Set back a bit in time this quiet island is a unique place that continues to attract writers, scientists, and artists.

Please support Land for Southport’s Future’s initiative to purchase and protect our forests and our shoreline, to maintain public access and use of coastal land forever.  Your gift is urgently needed and will be gratefully appreciated.

Photo by Dan Witt

Coastal Land Preservation


Click to read the interview with Rachel Carson’s nephew, Roger.

Also to read the email from Mac MacKusick regarding the importance of purchasing “Ruth’s House”

Southport Community

LFSF - Ruth's Sketch of her house - Lemonade on lawn

Ruth’s House – Community Fellowship & Center for Art and Science Education


Ruth’s House

"Tea and Conversation"

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Land For Southport’s Future

Land For Southport’s Future is a non-profit corporation, created and staffed by Southport residents. Our goal is to establish, through individual tax deductible gifts, a sustainable fund to buy and preserve land on Southport Island for use by the entire community and the generations who follow.

We know that we are not alone in the belief that working together, community members can preserve their local culture and heritage and protect their land and resources from over development.

Land for Southport’s Future has the ambitious goal of raising $800,000 for the immediate purchase of the Gardiner property and the initial rehabilitation of the primary public spaces. With your help, this will happen!

Your donations, of any amount, will help us to reach our goal. We encourage you to share with us the responsibility to protect our Island’s natural beauty and accessibility for all to enjoy, now and forever.

Artwork by 
George Workman
Artwork by
George Workman


Give us a call or send us an email. We want to answer your questions.   Call:  207-217-7743
Email: landforsouthportsfuture@gmail.com

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