Artwork by Ruth Lepper Gardner and George Workman


Roger Christie

(Rachel Carson's Grand-nephew):

I started coming to Southport Island in 1952 with my Aunt, marine biologist and conservationist, Rachel Carson. We summered overlooking the Sheepscot River,  in her cottage on Salt Pond Road just off of Dog Fish Head, on the west side of Southport Island, Maine. When I was old enough, I was given full run of the neighborhood and I soon started exploring the numerous tidal pools and wooded trails. This began a life-long love of the natural world around me.

This eclectic summer community, comprised of the most remarkable cross-section of natives and summer people, soon became a second home to me. Looking back at the 60 plus years that I have spent here, one thing really strikes a chord with me, that there is an urgent need to preserve land on this very precious island before it becomes over developed.

Land for Southport's Future understands this need and also recognizes that the potential, for hosting educational and cultural enrichment opportunities at "Ruth's House," is endless.

Please save Ruth's House now while you can, because once it's sold to a private buyer it's gone, and that's it.



Artwork by Ruth Lepper Gardner and George Workman



Email from Meredith (Mac) MacKusick

Nancy...just a note to express my appreciation for all the time and effort that you have expended to bring about the purchase of Ruth Gardner's property at "Front Beach."

Jeanette and I made a contribution to "Land for Southport's Future" because we believe that preserving Ruth's house as a gathering place for residents and visiting artists is a wonderful way of recognizing her contribution as map maker, artist, and involved member of the Southport community.  As you know, Ruth spent a lot of time over the years, singing and playing piano and recorders with the MacKusick wives and my Aunt Jean.  A good time was had by all.

I wish you every success with your continued fund raising activity and hope that you are able to engage more Southporter's to support this worthwhile cause.  All of us on will benefit from the preservation of this historic property and the knowledge that Ruth's legacy will live on.

All the best,

Meredith MacKusick

"Mac" to you